Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DTC PowerSafe LifeTool Hits The "Hot Three" On Amazon

DTC PowerSafe LifeTool Hits The Hot Three On Amazon

This amazing tool is 45% off through Labor Day

Online, August 22, 2013 – Two weeks after launch, the DTC PowerSafeLifeTool has become one of the bestselling desk lamps on, making their Top 3 out of 100 Hot New Releases for Desk Lamps. This perfect back-to-school gift is 45% off until Labor Day (September 3, 2013).

“This is really a great product, the Lamp looks great on my computer desk and I love having the radio so convenient. I plugged it in to charge with my computer and it is still going strong 2 days later.” – Judie Didriksen, review

The PowerSafeLifeTool has both solar power and a dynamo hand crank; it will never need batteries. There are 12 LED lights that act as a table lamp or as a spotlight. With an LED warning light and siren users can summon help. There is a radio built-in to listen to music, the weather or emergency broadcasts and a 3 LED flashlight to help users see their way clearly. A USB charger can charge both the LifeTool and to let the LifeTool charge a mobile phone or other USB charged device.

Product video is available at

“We are very happy to offer a 45% discount on the PowerSafeLifeTool until Labor Day. We are convinced that every child and teen returning to school should have one of our great lights. With the siren, lights and multiple power sources, it is perfect to light the way and help children stay safe.” – Don Carter, Co-founder, DTC LifeTools

DTC LifeTools is an online retailer dedicated to bringing the best tools to life – for safety, comfort and fun. All of their products are sold satisfaction guaranteed.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Captivating Whiteboard Videos For Businesses makes intriguing white board videos that are great to attract attention and promote products and services.

Buffalo, NY (19th August 2013) - White board videos are one of the most interesting kinds of animations which features a hand that draws pictures, scenes and other data on a white board.

White board animations are rising in prominence as people find it highly captivating and engaging. is a video service company that specializes in creating uplifting white board animation videos. 

“White board videos are filmed using time-lapse technique. We film the videos in real time but speed them up in post production so images appear like animations. I know it sounds simple, but there is a lot of work involved. But we love what we do. From creating a story board, illustrating the images to the final editing process our team is highly involved to give out best results. Our goal is to make videos that are not just engaging, but also increase sales for our clients” -- Ronald Barkley, Owner of 

White board videos are sought by webmasters to put up on their website or blogs to promote their service or product. These 45 seconds to 300 seconds long videos are highly interesting and informative compared to normal videos. White board videos can be used for marketing a business or product, presentations, commercials and many other purposes.

Each video made by is exclusive and entertaining as they include unique content with keywords that their clients want.

“Thank you Ronald. The creative white board video you made for us has increased our sales by 40%. Customers specifically mention the video and say they can’t get enough of it. My boss wants another video for our new branch, I am glad to be working with you again” – Max Meyers

White board videos are intriguing as viewers are mesmerized by everything that the hand writes and draws so artistically. does not just make videos, but also offers other services like Video submission and YouTube view packages. Clients can also distribute the videos the way they want.

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Name:  Ronald Barkley
Phone: 716 413 1148